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We read, summarize, and rate third-party contracts so you can make smarter decisions about whether to sign, redline, or reject.

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Red Flag Reports

Red Flag Reports are like report cards for contracts – one-page summaries of the material topics along with a list of issues that are not “market.”  Reports are customizable for companies that subscribe, so you can tell us what issues matter most to you and we make sure we address those issues in every report.  For as little as $119 per contract, you can make smarter decisions about whether to sign, redline, or negotiate. Available on any NDA, click-through agreement, vendor agreement, DPA and more.


TermScout’s Alerts service is an affordable online document tracking solution. We will track any unique URL you submit and send you a redline report when changes occur. For a low annual fee and zero effort, you can stay on top of important contract changes that often occur without your knowledge.

For as little as $99 a year, we will serve as your scout, tracking and alerting you to any changes that occur.

Negotiating Guides

TermScout’s Negotiating Guides are built to help attorneys negotiate better in specific industries. They look at a sample of contracts for at least five companies within an industry and tell you what’s actually market, and who offers the best terms for each material provision. No more arguing back and forth with opposing counsel about what’s “market.” You deserve what’s market or better. Now you’ll have it, on every provision.

Coming Spring 2020

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We read the fine print so you don't have to.

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