Don’t let fine print become a big problem.

Expect more from your contracts.

Are your contracts helping you or are they slowing you down? Most companies find they are slowing down their business. TermScout’s services reduce the friction between buyers and sellers and help companies quickly and affordably understand contract terms and conditions. Whether you intend to negotiate a contract with a vendor or not, it still needs to be reviewed to make sure there are no “gotchas” in the terms. You also need to know how they compare with your contracting playbook. TermScout does this much faster and for a fraction of the cost of what an attorney would charge.

Game changer.

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Turn your contracts into a sales tool.

Your sales team can’t close deals if your terms and conditions aren’t working hard for you and making it easy for your customers. Our Sales Accelerator eliminates the contract friction that is slowing down your deals. Give your clients something to open that will help you close.

Minimize the contract piles.

When contracts pile up, business slows down. Let TermScout tackle the fine print. Our Red Flag Reports give you the insights you need to move your contracts from a stagnant pile into action. It’s easy. It’s fast. It’s accurate. Take action with TermScout.

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Key Hires

Key Hires

Meet our new TermScout team members - they’re already shaking things up You may have read our recent funding announcement, one of the most important investments TermScout is making is building out our amazing team. We would like to introduce you to our talented new...

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