Our Story

Our mission is to make the world a better place for consumers by shining a light on what’s in the contracts you agree to every day.

Who is a TermScout?

A lawyer who advocates for fair contracts with a passion for empowering customers with accurate, straight-forward knowledge of the fine print.

What does a TermScout Deliver?

We have developed the first non-biased ratings and review system for contracts across a spectrum of industries and categories. We compare these contracts to see which companies have the most customer-friendly terms and report our findings to you. You won’t find opinions or pay-to-play reviews in our reports. We only report the facts. We alert you to the gotcha provisions in the fine print and shine a spotlight on contracts that are favorable for the customer. Armed with the knowledge of our TermScouts, you can fairly decide if you are ok with the terms and conditions you are agreeing to with the click of your mouse or the stroke of your pen.

Why does TermScout exist?

“We started this company because we were tired of seeing businesses take advantage of their customers through “gotcha” provisions in the fine print. We knew that businesses wouldn’t make their contracts better until there was a good reason, so we created that reason.”

Otto Hanson, Founder & CEO

“We’re empowering people with information that they wouldn’t otherwise have to help them make better decisions.”

Peter Fatianow, Co-Founder and COO

Our Team

CEO and Founder
Otto Hanson, J.D.

  [email protected]

Lead Engineer and Co-Founder
Jordan Furdock

  [email protected]

Legal Product Manager and Corporate Counsel
Ben Golopol, J.D.
  [email protected]

Legal Advisor
Mark Cohen , J.D., L.L.M

  [email protected]

COO and Co-Founder
Peter Fatianow

  [email protected]

General Counsel
Trent Martinet, J.D.
  [email protected]

Contract Analyst and Corporate Counsel
Megan McCulloch, J.D.

Corporate Counsel
Yev Muchnik, J.D.
  [email protected]

We read the fine print so you don't have to.


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