of adults would be more likely to use a company’s products if its contracts were designated Certified Fair Contracts by an independent third party.

Benefits of the Badge.

Your customers love your company and your products, but they don’t know what to think about your contracts.  Getting Certified Fair Contracts shows your customers that you’ve taken proactive steps to make sure you’re treating them fairly all the way down to the fine print.

Your customers shouldn’t have to worry about what’s in your contracts – now they don’t. 

What You Get.

    • A license to use the Certified Fair Contracts certification marks as needed to show your customers that you are certified.
    • A license to share our summary of your Certified Fair Contracts, showing what our certification standards are and confirming that each such standard is met.
    • Inclusion in our published ratings for your industry, showing:
      • Overall TermScore.
      • Certified Fair Contract status. 

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