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Cloud services agreements can be long and convoluted, but there are important differences across the top providers in the industry. We help you understand the contracts you sign and give you the power to choose the best provider for your business.

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What’s In This Report?

Industry Review

Our overall impressions of the industry along with succinct high-level analyses of the most important contract provisions across the top five companies in the industry – AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and Oracle Cloud.

The Provisions You Care About

We surveyed and interviewed more than 150 cloud services customers and worked with our team of expert attorneys to determine which terms matter most.

Market Analysis

Straightforward comparative visualizations of our proprietary TermScoresTM  enable you to quickly understand each company’s performance on a given provision.

Copies of Each Individual Company’s Report

All five individual company Reports are included with the Industry Report. These Reports provide detailed analyses of numerous contract provisions, including several that are not included in the Industry Report, complete with robust citations to the original documents.  For more information about an individual company Report, visit the webpage on our site for that Report.

Agreements and Policies Reviewed


Amazon Web Services Service Termsupdated as of 4/30/2019
Amazon Web Services Customer Agreement updated as of 4/30/2019
Acceptable Use Policy updated as of 9/16/2016
Privacy Noticeupdated as of 12/10/2018


IBM Cloud Services Agreement – updated as of April, 2019
Service Description for IBM Cloud – updated as of June 20, 2019
Data Security and Privacy Principles for IBM Cloud Services – updated as of May, 2018
Data Processing Addendum – updated as of March, 2019
IBM Cloud Platform – Public Data Processing and Protection Datasheet – updated as of June 27, 2019


Microsoft Online Subscription Agreement – updated as of March, 2019
Microsoft Online Services Terms – updated as of July 1, 2019
Microsoft Product Terms – updated as of July 1, 2019
Microsoft Privacy Statement – updated as of August, 2019


Cloud Services Industry Report

$999 – $4,999


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"Reading click-through agreements is not what I went to law school for, but I also appreciate that these agreements can’t simply be ignored.  As a corporate attorney, I found TermScout’s Cloud Report to be perfect – enabling me to quickly find what mattered and drill down where needed.  The report also provided game-changing tips on how to negotiate certain points.  Highly recommended."

Rainer Scarton

Corporate Attorney, Fortune 250 Company

TermScout’s cloud report covered all of the issues I typically cover when advising clients on these types of agreements.  The TermScout Meter showing what other companies offer on the same type of provision, combined with the Negotiating Tips scattered throughout the report make this extremely valuable.

Andy Evans,

Corporate Attorney, Private Law Firm

We read the fine print so you don't have to.

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