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The New York Times estimates that it would take the average American 76 days to read the contracts they sign every year.*  Every contract we sign impacts our legal rights and responsibilities, but no person or business is able to review every contract they sign. 

The world deserves an easier way to understand which contracts are fair and which ones are not.

Now it has one.  


Industry Spotlight

Some companies treat you right, and some don’t.  TermScout reviews and rates contracts in multiple industries and publishes free content about those contracts.  We believe transparency is a key ingredient to any healthy relationship, including our relationships with businesses – that’s what gets us out of bed every day!

Airline Ratings

TermScout has released its ratings of the top ten US passenger airlines.  We spent hundreds of hours of attorney time reviewing these contracts and learned a lot of really interesting stuff.  Sign-up for our newsletter or follow us on social media to learn who offers $1500 any time they lose your bag for more than 3 days (no questions asked), who has the best cancellation policies, and who has the best (and worst) contracts overall.  

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Contract Review Highlights

Oracle Cloud offers the most customer-friendly contracts (among the top five cloud providers).  AWS offers the worst!

Of the top ten US airlines, United offers the best baggage liability policy, offering $1,500 (no questions asked) if your bag is more than 3 days late. 

You’re probably entitled to some free money if you flew on a plane in the last few years.  Seriously.  

Online contracts can be pretty bad, even forcing you to sell your soul or your children.    

Of the top five cloud providers, only Oracle promises to notify you of a data breach within 24 hours.  

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Indemnification 101

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