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Really understand the terms and conditions of the AWS Cloud Contract with our CITIZNreports – not just the business terms, but the important legal terms of the contract, presented in easy-to-understand plain English. Not only will you get a better understanding of the AWS terms and conditions, but we also provide a comparison of each AWS Contract Provision with their top [four] competitors and tell you how aggressive AWS is with each provision vs. the same contract provisions of the Cloud Services market competitors. With this feature, you’ll know what provisions are more customer friendly, what provisions are “market,” and most importantly, what provisions you should try to negotiate.

This [15] page report was written by a team of attorneys specializing in contract law using the latest technology to be able to provide the best insights into the AWS Cloud Contract and the Cloud Services Market (the top 5 Cloud companies).



Please note that all contents are written in plain English – not legalese.


AWS Service Terms AWS Customer Agreement AWS Acceptable Use Policy AWS Privacy Notice
Key Findings – A high-level summary of the key findings of our review of the provisions in the aforementioned AWS contracts Risk Allocation – A summary of the limits of liability provisions, both for you as a customer and for AWS as the vendor Warranties – A summary of the AWS service warranty provisions Data Security and Privacy – A summary of Third-party Standards and Certifications, Data Processing, Subprocessors, and Breach Policy provisions Term, Termination, and Longevity – A summary of the Term, Termination for Convenience, Termination for Cause, Suspension, and Longevity provisions Payments and Fees – A summary of Fee Increases, Penalties and Late Fees, Payment Terms, and Refunds provisions Contract Changes – A summary of Notification and Opt Out provisions Service Level Agreements – A summary of Generally-Applicable SLA provisions M&A Considerations – A summary of Assignment provisions (in the context of a merger or acquisition of your company) Confidential Information and Intellectual Property – A summary of Your IP, License to Use Services, Suggestions/Feedback to AWS, Open Source Code, Protection of Your Confidential Information and Restrictions on Your Use and Disclosure of AWS’ Confidential Information provisions Your Responsibilities – A summary of Restrictions provisions Disputes – A summary of General Guidance, Governing Law, and Formal Dispute Resolution Options provisions What’s Missing – A summary of terms that we expected to see, but did not find in the AWS Agreements

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