Red Flag Reports

We streamline your contract review process – eliminating 90% of the work for you.

Red Flag Reports analyze over 200 data points in commercial contracts and present the findings in a simple 1-2 page report. Now you can quickly identify which contracts are ok to sign, and which ones are not.

What Are Red Flag Reports?

Accept. Reject. Negotiate. 

Red Flag Reports identify risks and other important details in contracts, allowing you to close deals quickly and confidently. Reports are available for click-through agreements, EULAs, NDAs, DPAs, services agreements, and vendor agreements.  

Save Time

Reduce time reading the agreements that land on your desk. Now you can read a 1-2 page report to determine the level of attention needed. 


Close Deals Faster

Increase your speed to a deal by having a clear playbook that your team can follow, showing them when to accept, reject, or negotiate vendor contracts.

Improve Negotiations

Know what is market with data that compares contract terms against other companies in the same industry.  


Ensure Accuracy

Every contract is reviewed by at least two attorneys, searching for the issues that matter to every company.   

Minimize Risk

With more than 200 points of data analysis, you will know exactly what issues exist in the agreement and how they compare to the rest of the market – all for an affordable price. 

Improve Your Contracting Process

Save your Red Flag Report with the contract after signing so you can quickly refer back to it when needed.

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Simple and Flexible Pricing

Choose the plan that’s right for you.

Single Report – $199

Just need one report?  Get a report on any  click-through, DPA, NDA, EULA, services agreement, or vendor agreement for one low price.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does This Service Work?

  • You provide the contract you want reviewed (email or upload).

  • A TermScout attorney processes the contract using our proprietary contract review and scoring system.

  • TermScout sends the finalized Red Flag Report back to you in 0-3 business days.

  • If you’re comfortable with the risks identified in the report, you can sign the agreement with ease.  If you’re not comfortable with it, you’ll negotiate better against the other side knowing what the agreement says and how it compares to what other companies in the industry offer.

What's in a Red Flag Report?

  • A short description of the overall findings.
  • A list of red flags discovered in the contract with simple explanations of the issues and citations to the original agreement so you can dive deeper when needed.
  • Answers to the top questions that matter in the specific agreement type.  Subscribers or large orders can customize the questions that are answered in each agreement type.
  • Peace of mind.  Rest assured that we’ve read the entire agreement and alerted you of the major issues.

Will TermScout Keep my Confidential Information Confidential?

When you send us a contract, agreement, or other policy to review, we first check that document to see if it is marked as confidential or if any provision in the agreement states that the existence of the agreement or terms of the agreement are confidential.  For any information that we determine is confidential in nature or should be kept confidential, we immediately scrub such information and anonymize the agreement in question.  If we determine that all or any portion of the agreement is clearly not confidential (e.g. it exists on a public website as a click-through agreement), we will not treat that document as confidential, but we will treat the fact that you sent us that document or asked for information about it as confidential.

See our privacy notice for additional details and don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you need additional assurances.

How Does TermScout Handle Quality Control?

While we are a legal tech company, we believe that technology only gets us part of the way.  Every report we produce goes through a rigorous quality control process with real attorneys licensed to practice law in at least one US state.  Check out our About Us page to learn about the attorneys behind TermScout.

Can we guarantee 100% accuracy?  No, but neither can any other legal tech provider or lawyer.  We promise to use our best efforts to deliver the highest quality at affordable prices.

Do All Reports Cost the Same Amount?

Yes.  We know your contracting needs can vary, and we want to work with you in the simplest way possible – one simple price for any of the document types we cover.  Subscribers to our Scout subscriptions can mix and match different agreements as needed to meet their needs.

What if My Report is Wrong?

If we make a mistake, we’ll make it right.  We’ll reimburse you for the amount you paid for the report and give you your next report for free.  If that’s not enough, we’ll work with you to try to find a solution to make you whole.  

What Contracts Are Not Included?

Our current capabilities enable us to review any NDA or DPA without exception.  We can review almost any services agreement, click-through agreement, end-user license agreement, terms & conditions, or similar.  

We cannot review:

  • Agreements that require specialized legal or subject-matter expertise (beyond SaaS, software, cloud and other common types of services).
  • Agreements that are more than 75 pages.
  • Agreements in languages other than English.

If you’re not sure if your contract may not qualify, you may send it to  to confirm.

What's The Benefit In Subscribing?

By subscribing to one of our Scout subscriptions, you can lock in significant discounts on Red Flag Reports.  We know that your contract review needs ebb and flow, so we issue report credits annually, not monthly, enabling you to use your credits when the need arises.

If you need more reports than what you subscribed to, you’re locked into the per-report price of your subscription, so you won’t have to pay full price again.

If you do not use all of your reports in the year, we’ll roll them over for as long as you continue to subscribe with us.


Does TermScout Provide Legal Advice?

No.  We are not a law firm and do not represent you or anyone else as legal counsel.  We provide general information about the contracts you ask us to review.  We do not give advice about whether or not you should sign an agreement or how certain legal provisions may impact you. 

We do provide:

  • Generalized summaries of contract provisions (e.g. This provision means X).
  • Indications about how certain provisions compare to what other companies offer.
  • Indications about whether certain provisions are more or less favorable to different parties. 


Reading click-through agreements is not what I went to law school for, but I also appreciate that these agreements can’t simply be ignored.  As a corporate attorney, I find TermScout’s Red Flag Reports to be perfect – enabling me to quickly find what matters and drill down where needed.  The reports also provide game-changing tips on how to negotiate certain points.  Highly recommended.”

Rainer Scarton

Corporate Attorney, Fortune 250 Company

TermScout’s cloud report covered all of the issues I typically cover when advising clients on these types of agreements.  The TermScout market indications showing what other companies offer on the same type of provision, combined with the negotiating tips scattered throughout the reports make these extremely valuable.

Andy Evans,

Corporate Attorney, Private Law Firm

Still Not Sure?

We do not provide legal services, but we partner with some great law firms that do.
Contact us at  to learn about law firms offering affordable flat-rate contract review services powered by TermScout.
*Additional fees may be assessed on any vendor contracts (i) exceeding 50 pages, or (ii) which involve highly specialized knowledge, background or unusual amounts of research.  If TermScout determines that a contract requires additional fees, it will email client with the requested additional fee prior to beginning work on said contract.
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