Red Flag Reports

Never sign a contract without reviewing it again.

We’ll review any click-through, NDA, Data Processing Agreement (DPA), or vendor agreement and send you a Red Flag Report that lets you quickly identify risks and make educated decisions about what to do with those contracts.

Save Time & Money

Red Flag Reports are designed to help managers, lawyers, and procurement groups save time and money on their reviews of commonly signed agreements by quickly identifying major risks.

When you hire us to review an agreement for you, rest assured that we will read the entire agreement and help you quickly understand what matters to you.  You’ll be able to do your job better and faster so you can spend more time doing what you enjoy, and less time reading contracts.

What You Get

Each Red Flag Report provides the following:

  • A short description of the overall findings.
  • A list of red flags discovered in the contract with simple explanations of the issues and citations to the original agreement so you can dive deeper when needed.
  • Answers to the top questions that matter in the specific agreement type.  Subscribers or large orders can customize the questions that are answered in each agreement type.
  • Peace of mind.  Rest assured that we’ve read the entire agreement and alerted you of the major issues.


Click-Through NDA DPA Vendor Agreement
Single Report $149 $149 $199 $299
Credits (for subscription service) 3 3 4 6

*Click through pricing is for any contract that is posted online on a publicly available link.  Vendor Agreement pricing is for any vendor contract that is not posted online.  

Subscription Pricing

Credits p/month Cost p/month Cost p/credit
Small Business 20 $900 $45
Medium Business 50 $2000 $40
Large Business 100 $3500 $35

How It Works

  1. You send your contract to .
  2. A TermScout attorney processes the contract with our proprietary contract review and scoring system.
  3. TermScout sends the finalized Red Flag Report back to you in 1-3 business days for between $149-$399 (or less when subscribing).
  4. You do your job better and faster with TermScout.

Purchase a Red Flag Report Now

Click-Through Report - $149


NDA Report - $149

DPA Report - $199

Vendor Report - $299

Still Not Sure?

We do not provide legal services, but we partner with some great law firms that do.
Contact us at  to learn about law firms offering affordable flat-rate contract review services powered by TermScout.
*Additional fees may be assessed on any vendor contracts (i) exceeding 50 pages, or (ii) which involve highly specialized knowledge, background or unusual amounts of research.  If TermScout determines that a contract requires additional fees, it will email client with the requested additional fee prior to beginning work on said contract.

We read the fine print so you don't have to.


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