Get them to the dotted line faster.

Sales Accelerator helps legal move at the speed of sales. 

You and your team are good at getting customers to “yes.” But “closing” means always waiting for the customer to review and approve the contract. 

Get to signatures faster and more efficiently with TermScout’s Sales Accelerator. This straightforward, simplified contract summary presents an easy to understand third-party analysis of your terms and conditions.

Better terms. Faster deals. Create a win for you and your customers.

We work with companies to summarize their customer agreement and post the summary on a company-specific page on our site. Then sales teams send the link to prospects ahead of their contract review process. Your prospects save time and money in their contract review process by reviewing our trusted third-party summary. Everybody wins and deals get closed faster.


Reduce friction in the final stage of sales.

Minimize negotiating time
between legal departments.


Close more deals on your terms.

How it works:

    1. Send us your sales contract.
    2. We’ll work hard (and fast!) and produce a tight, ready-to-use report available on a secure site. 
    3. Give your prospective customer access to review the report and share it with their legal team. 
    4. Watch signatures happen.

    Are you ready to recognize revenue faster?

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