Affordable online document monitoring.


Alerts from TermScout monitors terms for any URL you submit.  Our tracking system sends you redline reports when changes occur so you are never caught off-guard.

There’s a reason to track.

When you agree to a contract that’s posted online, you often agree that the vendor can make changes to that contract, even without notifying you of the changes.

That’s kind of ridiculous, right? How can we agree to changes we haven’t seen?

In the worst instances, companies have been found to add terms to online documents that they otherwise couldn’t get into negotiated contracts.

Keeping track is easy. 





  1. Submit the specific URL for online content you want tracked.
  2. When the text within the URL you submitted changes, TermScout sends you an email with a comparison document showing exactly what changed.
  3. You stay in the loop and aware of changes that may impact your business. 

Key documents you should monitor.

Privacy Policies

Data Security

Acceptable Use Policies

Terms & Conditions

Lists of Sub-Processors

Let us monitor your online contracts.
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